Maritime Apprenticeships - "Your Future, Their Future, Our Future"

Apprenticeships allow organisations to bring new talent through the ranks and train the team with the skills they need to help your organisation's business succeed.

These apprenticeships are particularly suited to the maritime sector because most jobs require a mixture of academic prowess and on the job experience. The fact that so many senior people in the industry started their careers as apprentices is powerful evidence of just how successful apprenticeships can be. - 

Rt Hon John Hayes MP, Maritime Minister

The Minister has challenged us to double the number of apprentices we recruit, and that is a challenge which Maritime UK willingly grasps. 

We certainly know the value of apprenticeships in the shipping industry – because it’s a model we are very used to in our cadetships. 

This mix of training on the job, backed by more technical and academic study in college or university, is exactly what so many jobs in the maritime sector need. - 

David Dingle CBE, Maritime UK Chair

While there is no fixed model for apprenticeships, the principles are simple and powerful. Apprentices learn practical skills on-the-job (from experienced colleagues), theory and underpinning knowledge off-the-job (commonly in college) and the relevant behaviours to enable true competency. This combination of knowledge, skills and behaviours, if delivered well, ensures that apprentices get a terrific grounding for their new career.

Apprenticeship Case Studies

  • Case Study 1: Maritime Operations Apprenticeship (Details within the resource)
  • Case Study 2: Apprentice Ratings with DFDS Seaways – in their own words (Details within the resource)
  • Case Study 3: Berthon Boat Company (Details within the resource)

What is the Apprenticeship Levy and who pays it?

The Apprenticeship Levy has encouraged employers to boost their investment in training and skills and applies to all UK employers in all sectors.

The levy started on 6 April 2017, at a rate of 0.5% of pay bill, paid through PAYE.

For firms which pay the Levy, the Goverment adds 10p for every £1 they pay in and all firms get an incentive of £1,000 to recruit young apprentices aged 16-18.

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