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Full membership is open to those organisations concerned with the management and running of ports and terminals, and those carrying out operations in ports. Examples include harbour authorities, port companies, terminal operators, stevedores, and labour suppliers. In addition to standard membership benefits, the following opportunities are only available open to full subscribers:

  • Involvement in consultations on key strategic issues.
  • Participation in standing and special work groups.
  • Shaping industry best practice standards.
  • Input to the development of industry guidance.
  • Unlimited spaces at all Port Safety Group and Port Skills Group meetings.

The cost of a full subscription to Port Skills and Safety is based on the number of people employed and we have a three tier charging system according to employee numbers. The current rate per head is £31.50 per employee plus VAT at the standard rate, for companies with fewer than 35 employees the minimum charge is £1,102.50. Cost below are as of 01 January 2024, Our subscription year runs from 01 January to 31 December, the rate for those organisations joining part-way through the year are calculated pro rata.

No. of employees£
Up to 35 employees1,102.50 total (minimum rate) + VAT
36 – 1599 employees31.50 per employee + VAT
More than 1600 employees50,400.00 total (maximum rate) + VAT

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