PSS is leading safety improvements in the port sector by sharing best practice, providing guidance and promoting data driven safety learnings.

PSS’s vision is to drive the ports sector to become one of the safest places to work, with opportunities for individual growth and collective success.

Key performance indicators – safety

Improve UK Port Safety Guidance

  • Bring all existing Safety in Port (SiP) documents up to best practice industry standards by 2028. At least four SiPs will be reviewed per year, with existing SiPs updated by 2028.
  • Increase awareness of SiPs guidance by increasing website downloads of guidance by 35 per cent from 2023 levels by 2028.

Improve UK Port Safety Statistics

  • Zero incidences of fatal industry accidents among membership, where SiPs guidance is adhered to.
  • Increase the number of full port members contributing to the incident safety dashboard to a minimum of 75 per cent by 2028.

Safety in Ports guidance (SiPs)

One of the most valued resources that PSS offers is the Safety in Port (SiPs) suite of guidance. Produced in collaboration with the Health and Safety Executive and trade unions, these documents aim to improve safety in ports in a range of common areas.

Sharing health and safety information

As part of our commitment to the free exchange of health, safety and skills information PSS issued over 40 Safety Alerts and Bulletins and facilitated 32 Ask Members enquiries in 2023.

These communications are sent to subscribers and are available to members online in the knowledge hub

Port Safety Group and working groups

The Port Safety Group (PSG) meets 4 times each year (2 in person and 2 online meetings) to bring together those working in health and safety roles in member organisations. These meetings allow for valuable networking in addition to providing presentations on relevant topics.

PSS facilitates working groups on current issues in addition to regularly reviewing PSS SiP guidance to ensure they remain up to date