Sample COVID Related Risk Assessments

Published: Friday, June 12, 2020 - 15:00

Statutory Guidance

HSE have generic COVID19 Risk Assessment available at :


Industry Guidance

In the spirit of working together to maximise learning and prevent harm, a number of UK ports have voluntarily supplied examples of risk assessments.  These are provided here to help duty holders develop their own arrangements and/or peer review the arrangements that they already have in place.  

The documents on the site have been anonymised.  They have not been approved by any statutory body and should only be used as an aid to your own competent risk assessments.  We are not able to endorse specific actions or combinations of actions contained in these documents because providing a safe system of work is context dependent.  The duty holder is best placed to understand their own circumstances and risks.


Covid19 Risk Assessment PDF (348.96 KB) Download (348.96 KB)
Dealing with Covid19 Risk Assessment PDF (222.46 KB) Download (222.46 KB)
Dealing with Covid19 Action Plan PDF (103.06 KB) Download (103.06 KB)
Covid19 Checklist for Offices PDF (136.03 KB) Download (136.03 KB)
Safety Alert - COVID-19 - 10 COVID Controls_0 PDF (150.28 KB) Download (150.28 KB)
Covid19 Risk Assessment Alt 1_0 PDF (253.2 KB) Download (253.2 KB)
COVID-19 Generic Risk Assessment Alt 2 PDF (202.46 KB) Download (202.46 KB)
External Visitor Checklist - COVID PDF (47.12 KB) Download (47.12 KB)