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Port of Milford Haven

We are the UK’s leading energy port.

From our western UK base, we provide a wide range of services covering:

  • Pilotage and conservancy
  • Cargo handling
  • Storage and laydown
  • Fish docks management
  • Ferry terminal management
  • Commercial property management
  • Renewables
  • Hospitality & Tourism

Our core values are Safety, Collaboration, Excellence and Sustainability; with Safety always being our primary core value.

We are committed to ensuring that work undertaken in, around and on our buildings, property and infrastructure is carried out to the highest possible standards of health and safety, minimising the risk of accidents and injuries to people and accidental damage to premises, plant and equipment.

This starts with ensuring our staff have the training and skills needed to operate safely in often complex and challenging port environments. Regular incident exercises help test those skills in a safe space, while on a more day to day basis we start every meeting with a safety moment to keep reinforcing that safety comes first in all that we do. We also operate and encourage the Stop Work Authority order to empower all employees, contractors and stakeholders who witness something that does not look safe to stop proceedings and address the issue.

Keeping everyone safe: Our expectations on our contractors

We have high expectations of our contractors. We expect them to maintain our high standards. They should understand and comply with the legal requirements that apply to the work activity they are conducting, and fully understand the common law duties to their co-workers, to the Port of Milford Haven and to our workforce, and to anyone else who could be affected by your work including members of the general public.

Everybody at work has a responsibility to protect their own health and safety and that of others. We want everyone to remain safe and healthy, regardless of whether they are an employee, a customer, a visitor or a contractor.

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