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Channel Seaways

Channel Seaways operates out of Poole to the Channel Islands. Whether you are shipping to Alderney, Guernsey or Jersey we can carry goods and make it easy for you.

Our dedicated team in Poole can handle just about anything, from a box of cat food to a timber framed house or a 12m length of steel to a new sofa for the mother-in-law! Goods can be shipped loose, palletised or containerised but rest assured all will be looked after by our very experienced teams.

Due to the efficiency of our Poole team, deliveries can be made promptly and waiting times are minimal. We can efficiently process the paperwork so that V.A.T. exemption certificates can be issued for goods being sent to the Channel Islands, ensuring a ‘hassle-free’ experience.

Freight consolidation is also available as is tracking of goods. This latter facility being available by phone. Shipping to the Channel Islands with Channel Seaways is aimed to make the process both customer friendly and great value for money.

Channel Seaways can also offer collections throughout the UK and delivery to the final destination in all of the Channel Islands.

Channel Seaways operate a modern fleet of road vehicles, based in Guernsey. We operate forklifts, rigids, artics and tippers all of which are maintained by their respective main dealerships.

At Channel Seaways we pride ourselves in our local knowledge, which is totally supported by our highly motivated, experienced and well trained team. Whether it is a van driver with a small parcel, to an articulated lorry driver delivering a container you need, we can handle it.

Channel Seaways can offer storage/haulage and distribution in Guernsey. Customers can also have dedicated areas as well as general storage.

We can also work on shipments from ‘overseas’; houses from Latvia, coins to China, whatever your needs, we can arrange your shipping for you.

In partnership with third party operators, we can now offer logistical solutions from anywhere in the world to/from the Channel Islands. Our one-step solution ensures that goods are shipped to/from our customers with any customs formalities (i.e. T2 consignments, customs clearance etc) dealt with in-house. Transit insurance is also available ensuring you get the cover you need with peace of mind.

A fully trained team of staff is able to deal with all customs formalities including Guernsey to Jersey. We look forward to hearing from you and ensuring all that you need is met with a personalised and friendly service.

Please note: at Channel Seaways we do not have just one salesman promising the cheapest rates; we rely on personal recommendations, word of mouth and everyone from the MD up to the ships crew to sell our excellent services. We operate without large administration infrastructure to ensure we can offer really competitive rates.