PSS Accident Statistics Report 2020

Published: Friday, September 17, 2021 - 08:42

No other year challenged the mandate of PSS as much as 2020. As essential workers, quay-side health and safety shifted focus towards social distancing, masks, and sanitisation. However, as essential workers, those who operated cranes, unloaded containers, and piloted vessels were still subject to the same health and safety procedures as previous years. Commissioned to give an accurate picture of health and safety standards within the UK port industry, the Accident Statistics Report for 2020 is a reaffirmation of our commitment to data sharing and communication regardless of exterior forces.


The data coverage in the 2020 Accident Statistics Report is approximately 85% of the PSS member workforce (Approximately 16,500+ employees across the UK) and includes calculations and category breakdowns such as UK incidence rates per hundred employees in the ports workforce. The results indicate that Lost Time Injuries across ports have decreased in general, however an uptrend in LTIs has been observed in Ships and Roadways. Despite this, we are cautiously optimistic about a descent off the accident plateau that has been witnessed in recent years. We are hesitant to attribute any one particular cause as to why this occurred given the extraordinary circumstances of last year, however it does fall in line with many of our initiatives to drive down accidents through 2019 and 2020.


Overall, we continue to make progress as an industry, which is welcome news after eighteen months of bleak predictions. However, as always, we must remind ourselves not to become complacent but maintain momentum and proactively work to improve health and safety. We strongly encourage all our members to take the time to view the report, use the data to identify potential areas of concern, and use our resources to address those areas.


Recommendations include:

• Identifying the locations and what types of accidents are most likely to happen in your port operation

• Identifying and target your ‘Hierarchy of Risk’ actions based on this unique information.

•Consider participating in the PSS bimonthly accident data collection for a more rapid accident information and benchmarking experience.


Port Industry Accident Statistics 2020 PDF (1.22 MB) Download (1.22 MB)