Final Call for Views on Port Operations National Occupational Standards

Published: Monday, October 19, 2020 - 10:01

This is a final call for views on the draft revised Port Operations National Occupational Standards (NOS).

In Q2 we started a consultation on a routine review of the Port Operations NOS.  


The consultation closes on 22 October. 


The Technical Panel will review all comments received on 23 October. 


The draft revised NOS have been tech-reviewed by an expert panel; they are attached below in two versions:

  • tracked changes – you can see what has changed... but it is not easy to read
  • no tracked changes - much easier to read especially if people are having to do this on tablets or not at an office pc

National Occupational Standards (NOS) are statements of the standards of performance individuals must achieve when carrying out functions in the workplace, together with specifications of the underpinning knowledge and understanding.  Port Operations NOS have been in place for over 15 years.  We would be delighted to get feedback from anyone in our community who has a view on these NOS.

If you believe that the content is correct, please feel free to say so.  A positive response is equally as valuable to us in this consultation as any suggested amendments.

  • Please review the content only, the format and structure cannot be changed
  • Any feedback should be sent by email to reach us by close 22 October 2020

please e-mail your comments to

No need to reply again if you have already sent in feedback

The NOS run to nearly 100 pages so probably best not to print them as hardcopy unless you really need to


Port Ops NOS Review Draft 1 NOT TRACKED PDF (694.24 KB) Download (694.24 KB)
Port Ops NOS Review Draft 1 TRACKED CHANGES PDF (803.08 KB) Download (803.08 KB)