Fatal incident on board a vessel at the Port of Tilbury

Published: Thursday, January 23, 2020 - 18:07

Members may be aware of an incident at Tilbury earlier this week.  Seeking to raise awareness of risks and to promote learning of lessons, The Port of Tilbury has released the following statement:   

Tragically on Tuesday 21st February 2020 a worker that many of us knew died from injuries sustained in an incident on board a vessel in the Port of Tilbury.


This incident has impacted upon the family, friends and colleagues of the person involved; none of us can be prepared for such a terrible loss.


We will ensure that any lessons that can be taken from this event are identified and shared across our business and the industry as soon as they can be. At the moment we are trying to understand what happened, along with the relevant regulators.


We ask that everyone who works in our industry is particularly vigilant in their respective workplaces and look out for themselves and their colleagues.





Our thoughts are with all of those affected

(The PSS Team)