Delivering your own off-job apprenticeship training?

Guidance is available for employers wishing to become an apprenticeship training provider and deliver the off-the-job training element of an apprenticeship, to their own or other employers’ staff.

Two routes

  • employer-provider delivering off–the-job training element of an apprenticeship to their own staff
  • provider delivering training to other employers’ staff, as well as their own


If you pay the apprenticeship levy, you can use funds in your digital account to pay for apprenticeship training, as long as you follow the steps and the costs are eligible for funding.

You will need to meet certain criteria to become an employer-provider or provider, be subject to inspection by Ofsted and provide information and data to the Skills Funding Agency (SFA).


1 Advice and support
Contact the Skills Funding Agency via National Apprenticeship Service website or tel: 08000 150 600.

2 Apply for approval to become a provider
The register will open for applications from 3 October 2016 and periodically thereafter.

Before the register opens for applications, there are a few things you can do in readiness:

  • register with the United Kingdom Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) – Requirement of all organisations that want to deliver apprenticeship training.
  • register with the Information Commissioner’s Office – for the processing of personal data for delivering education and training. This is a legal requirement.

3. Enter into a contractual agreement with the SFA

4. Develop training content and materials

5. Deliver Training
All apprenticeships must include 20% off the job training. It is up to you to decide at what point during the apprenticeship the training is best delivered.

6. Reporting and monitoring
The SFA will collect information from you on a monthly and annual basis

7. Ofsted inspection
Ofsted inspect and regulate services for learners of all ages, including apprenticeships and expect employer providers to:

  • assess the quality of their training to help improve it, provide useful information for future employees, provide accountability for use of public money against a national framework, help ensure that apprentices learn, develop and progress as they should and check that you manage training so that it effectively delivers good quality training.


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