Best Skills Initiative Awards Entry: Portsmouth International Port

Award Nomination:

Portsmouth International Port are developing a skills pipeline project to inform, engage and discover routes into Maritime.

The port has less than 100 FTE staff and therefore is creative with delivering the skills project which is routed in increasing awareness of the sector and encouraging all interested groups (not just students) to investigate jobs in the sector.

From open days to focused events (STEM for primary, careers for senior, Maritime Mondays for teachers and careers) and more tailored engagement such as T-level placements, SEND visits, special interest groups and more we continue to strive to promote the industry on behalf of our stakeholders, the residents of Portsmouth and the wider region.

Additional Information:

Portsmouth is a city that is near the bottom of attainment tables at school level. Port and maritime roles play a huge part of the career sector in the city and yet there is little understanding or knowledge of the industry throughout the residents; If you don’t have a relative in maritime you ‘fall into’ a role – although many never leaving once they find this.

Portsmouth International Port is Council owned and therefore we have a moral duty to ensure that our owners, the residents of Portsmouth, are aware of the opportunities at their doorsteps.

We have a pipeline that introduces people to the port through our open days, encourages them further through schools, college and university engagement programmes and leads into later life opportunities such as through Service leavers, opportunities for long term unemployed and more.

In total the port has had over 3’000 visitors for these events, as well as involvement in thousands more through talks at schools, careers events and online ‘ambassador’ events, in the last 2 years and we are now seeing the feedback that this is directly leading to increased interest and success in students moving into the sector.