Safety Bulletin SB/2022/01 - Crane Training Simulator Event

Published: Friday, April 29, 2022 - 13:50

PSS Safety Bulletins

The PSS Safety Bulletin process intends to share information with our members relating to new developments or changes in the industry which may be of interest.  These Safety Bulletins are in addition to PSS Safety Alerts which relate to a specific accident or incident and the related learning outcomes which may help members prevent a repeat event.

Safety Bulletin SB/2022/01

PSS are grateful to the Bristol Port Company for notifying an event at their Port regarding how crane simulator training can contribute to enhanced safety performance and increased productivity.   

This event is a follow-on from a Webinar held on February 24th which members may have attended.  The European Training and Simulation Association (ETSA) hosted that event with presentation input from Bristol Port and the simulator engineering / installation company ST Engineering Antycip.

The recording of the February 24th “Virtual Safety Critical Training” event is available on this link:

Further to that session, Bristol Port Company will be holding an in-house follow-on event that will provide attendees with an opportunity to view their simulator in operation, hear of its benefits, especially regarding operational safety improvement, and to receive presentations from the Bristol Training and Safety Team and ST Engineering Antycip.

This event “Increasing Safety and Productivity of Port Operatives with Simulator-based Training” will be held on March 24th and is available to PSS members.  Those wishing to participate are invited to register their interest via the link below:


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