Confiscated Monkey's Fist Examples

Published: Friday, April 27, 2018 - 09:38

Here are three recent examples of Monkey's Fists that were confiscated at a member port.  Filling the traditional rope knot with inappropriate materials such as metal components is an ongoing risk to mooring operatives.  It is perhaps not surprising that some ship's crew may be tempted to construct heavier weighted ends to make it easier to throw the line. But this of course increases the risk of a more severe injury if shore side operatives are struck by them.

9.3. Note: mooring gangs should be made aware of the danger that some ship’s crew may try to increase the weight of heaving lines by attaching shackles, bolts, metal bars etc. If these are found they should be reported to the Master to be rectified. (SiP005 Mooring)

Member ports typically operate a policy of proactively managing this issue, taking into account factors such as risk and recurrence and escalating where appropriate.  Active management can include:

  • confiscating such items on discovery, providing a safe means of cutting them off
  • reporting such incidents to the vessel
  • keeping a formal record
monkeys fist before disection
Monkey's Fists before Dissection
Part opened
Part Opened
Contents Revealed
Contents Revealed