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We have three categories of subscription:

  • Full subscribers - typically ports, terminal or port labour supply organisations
  • Training Provider & Consultants
  • Affiliates - organisations that do not directly run ports but who make a contribution to the work of ports 

Our subscription year runs from 1 January to 31 December, the rate for those organisations joining part-way through the year are calculated pro rata.

All subscribers are provided with the following core services relating specifically to the ports industry:

  • Regular information on a wide range of topics including: regulatory developments, industry guidance, health and safety performance metrics, skills and standards issues
  • Free attendance at our Port Skills and Safety Group conferences, held three times a year around the UK
  • Availability of our organised training courses and events.  We provide access to various industry related courses through providers and subscriber organisations including: Dangerous Goods, Explosive Security Officer, and Managing Safely in Ports which is accredited by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).
  • Access to technical advice on health, safety, skills and standards issues in the ports industry. You can submit an enquiry on any safety or skills topic, anonymously if you wish.  We will take it to our active industry community drawing on knowledge, experience and expertise from around 95% of the UK's commercial ports and bring together the responses as part of your solution and for the benefit of the community.     


Full Members

Full membership is open to those organisations concerned with the management and running of ports and terminals, and those carrying out operations in ports. Examples include harbour authorities, port companies, terminal operators, stevedores, and labour suppliers. In addition to the core services detailed above, the following opportunities are open to full subscribers:

  • Involvement in consultations on key strategic issues
  • Opportunities for participation in standing and special work groups; helping to shape industry good practice standards 
  • Input to the development of industry guidance

The cost of a full subscription to Port Skills and Safety is based on the number of people employed and we have a three tier charging system according to employee numbers.

The current rate per head is £28.40 per employee plus VAT at the standard rate.

No. of employees £
Up to 35 employees 994.00 total (minimum rate) + VAT
36 – 1649 employees 28.40 per employee + VAT
More than 1650 employees 46,860.00 total (maximum rate) + VAT

Please go to the bottom right of this page to download a joining form 


Affiliate membership is open to those organisations working closely with the ports industry, but not eligible for either Full or Training Provider Affiliate categories of membership. Affiliates receive the core services.  Affiliate fees may vary from case to case, but typically will be the minimum rate for full subscribers in the table above.

Training Provider or Consultant

Training Provider or Consultant membership is open to training providers and consultants who provide learning and development or safety services to the ports industry. We do not accredit training providers or consultants, but act as a network to put members in touch with them and invite their input into training standards. Training provider fees may vary from case to case, but will typically be around half the minimum rate for full subscribers in the table above.

Affiliate and training provider members are able to access most membership benefits excluding some working groups involved in developing guidance and standards. Affiliate and training provider members can attend events and committees but in some instances, there may be a small admin charge applied.


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