Safety Culture Fundamentals Training


Ready to positively influence your organisation’s safety culture? COMET & PSS have partnered to help you learn how to implement best practice safety culture behaviours using real port scenarios, challenges & activities. Attend this highly interactive one-day workshop to see how!

If you work in the port industry and have a desire to not only work and behave safely, but positively influence others and implement best practice, this workshop is for you.

With this challenging but enjoyable workshop you will learn how to positively influence the culture at your workplace, understand why people make mistakes and how to guard against these, and how to manage the impact of risk.

What is Safety Culture?
Explore what safety culture means, how it is represented in organisations and the roles individuals play in upholding it.

The Themes of Psychological Safety
Situational awareness, alpha state and communication are introduced with examples, including the importance of a psychologically safe workplace.

The Power of Intervention
Learn how to effectively intervene during challenging situations, the benefits this can lead to as well as overcome the common reasons why people may choose not to intervene. Interventions relate to both behaviours, situations and conditions.

Understand the Impact of Getting it Wrong
Utilising an interactive ‘consequences’ model, based on case studies and real events, investigate the impact of when things go wrong. Understand who and what is impacted over time, beyond the things we can see.

Risk Management & Perception
How is risk typically defined and managed? Best practices are explored including dynamic risk assessment and hazard identification.

Implementing Effective Controls
Close out the workshop by learning the differences between different control types, and what is typically effective both short and longer term. Take away a personal action plan to implement in your own work environment to improve its safety culture.

This programme will utilise a range of case studies and scenarios relevant to ports designed to increase your knowledge, skill set and confidence with regards to effectively contributing towards a positive safety culture.

Course fees as follows:

Members rate: £375 + VAT

Non-members rate: £450 + VAT

If you would like to attend, please download and complete the registration form below and email to book your place.