Best Members' Collaboration Awards Entry: Portsmouth International Port and Estudio Cactus

Award Nomination:

Portsmouth International Port and Estudio Cactus continue to work to develop a new collaborative safety system at Portsmouth.  

The system has been developed through the Freight Innovation Fund project which has come out of the Future of Freight programme with the aim to take best practice products from one area of transport and into another. 

Whilst Stowlog, the Estudio Cactus project is not yet implemented in the port (as part of a wider suite of H&S work) the programme has provided extremely useful development discussions around the positive impacts that new technology can bring and a separate talk through of the lessons learnt from that process. 

Both companies remain open to wider sector openness to assist other ports and members in developing the best systems that they can. 

Additional Information

Portsmouth International Port needs a new system to manage visitors, contractors and other port users on site. Due to the unique nature of each port an off the shelf product was not available and PIP worked with Estudio Cactus together to develop their product as the front end to a wider system.  

As with all new implementations, there have been positive benefits that we did not foresee which will include a development of educational tools for schools (both about the port, industry and environmental benefits) but we have also taken and shared the challenges around implementing the project to try and assist other members with how they structure implementation of a new product into their system.  

Both PIP and Estudio Cactus view our ‘SME’ status as being of benefit when trying to work across the industry as all ports will face significant changes, especially in ESG areas (including health and safety) as ports digitalise more and we hope that by sharing our journey we can make that process easier for other ports. 

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