Safety Notice - Hi-Mast Light Fittings

Published: Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - 10:08

A recent incident occurred when a light fitting fell from a hi-mast tower.

Fortunately no one was injured it could easily have been very different..

Our investigations to date have established that a single “Nyloc” locking nut had failed and become loose with vibration, allowing the fitting to fall to the ground.

All locations must:

  • Check records of inspection and maintenance of all Hi-Mast towers, lattice towers and any other light fittings at height.
  • Carry out an inspection of the security of such fixings as soon as possible, if these have not been checked in previous inspection or maintenance.
  • If necessary add additional lock nut or new “Nylocs”.
  • Ensure periodic checks of such fixings are included in future inspection and maintenance instructions


abp-hs-sa046_-_safety_alert_-_hi-mast_light_fitting PDF (172.39 KB) Download