Safety Alert - Mooring Line Entanglement

Published: Monday, April 24, 2017 - 09:15

This incident involved a linesman letting go of an AHT from one of the member’s berths.

The linesman’s foot became entangled in the rope tail of the mooring line causing him to be pulled off the quay and resulting in him being suspended from the bow of the ship, prior to being lowered into the water and recovered by his colleagues to the quayside.

In this instance, the mooring tail is a smaller piece of rope attached to the eye of the main mooring rope. The eye and tail of a mooring line are passed through the fairlead and the tail is then hooked by a linesman leaning over the bulwark, who will then attach a messenger which is thrown to the team at the quayside. Our understanding is that these tails are easier to work with than hooking a heavy mooring rope for tying on.

This information is disseminated to all PSS members so that they can;
1) Review their risk assessments and method statements for this type of operation and
2) Be aware of the hazards associated with rope tails on mooring lines, regardless of how short they may appear.

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