IOSH - Returning Safely After Covid-19 Lockdown Free e-learning Essentials

Published: Thursday, June 11, 2020 - 15:36

We would like to draw the attention of readers to the following Institution of Occupational Safety and Health(IOSH) e-learning Module on "Returning safely after Covid-19 lockdown", essentials for you and your business, details below.


The Covid-19 pandemic has spread rapidly and brought a level of uncertainty for many. As countries ease their lockdown measures, many businesses are now starting to reopen their premises  with precautions in mind to avoid the spread. Organisations should have processes in place to ensure their people return safely to their places of work.


The content in this module is aimed at line managers in organisations with people who have been working from home or unexpectedly furloughed or unemployed for a prolonged period during the coronavirus pandemic. This content is not designed for keyworkers who have remained at their place of work during the outbreak.


We hope you can use this practical advice to keep safe and inform others about the precautions needed to return safely to workplaces following lockdown.

The course

  • To achieve the best learning experience, we recommend you complete this somewhere quiet without distractions – the course should take around 10 minutes to complete. As this is a free course, it cannot be paused and picked up again at a later date. To get the best experience on this platform, please refrain from using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge and please use either Google Chrome or Firefox, as they are updated on a regular basis. "

Institution of Occupational Safety and Health(IOSH)

11 Jun 2020