Member Enquiry 012 - 2022 - Safe Stacking of Sawn Timber and Board Materials

A member who stores sawn timber packs and packs of plywood boards would like to hear from other members who carry out such operations regarding safe stacking and de-stacking. This can be particularly challenging through several factors including space constraints and specification and quality of bearers and banding which arrive with vessels from other parts of Europe and beyond.

The Port are re-assessing their processes and would welcome feedback from other members particularly in relation to the following:

  • Stow heights - Have any members, following a suitable and sufficient risk assessment, identified specific control measures to allow stow heights to go beyond a height-to-base ratio of 4:1?

  • Do members consider the height of bearers in their assessment of the above height-to-base ratio and maximum stow height?

  • What established arrangements for block stacking / de-stacking arrangements and working practices are applied (e.g., tiered arrangements, maximum number of packs stacked / de-stacked at a time, etc).

  • Bearer management regimes.

  • Pedestrian and vehicular traffic management protocols around stacks.

  • Plant / equipment used, including fork length / thickness specifications.

  • Stacking inspection and monitoring processes.