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Published: Oct 13, 2021

Following a challenging four months, Port Skills and Safety is delighted to welcome our new Chief Executive Debbie Cavaldoro. Debbie comes to us from the maritime union Nautilus International, where her significant experience as head of strategy and policy will revitalise PSS as we look towards 2022.

Debbie Cavaldoro
Debbie Cavaldoro, PSS CEO

In the weeks and months ahead, PSS is looking to become more “member-orientated” by improving our range of services and tools. We already have an excellent relationship with our members, facilitating policy changes on issues such as marine pilot safety and RoRo principles, and we’re currently investigating ways to improve the quality and useability of our resources. There will also be an increased emphasis on data and analysis. The ports industry has improved dramatically over the last twenty years in the way they share and communicate safety data. However, over the next twelve months, we will be taking steps to improve our data collection methods and offer in return better analysis for ports to benchmark their performances.

We will implement a renewed focus on skills, career development and diversity. With an ageing workforce and increasing automation set to significantly change the landscape of port operations in the future, it is essential that we have people with the skills and experience to meet these demands.

Communications too will be seeing an overhaul, both in terms of format and frequency. Our website, which has been with us for many years, will be redesigned to better serve members, and familiar comms such as the newsletter will be shortened for an easier digest.

“I’m looking forward to building on Richard Steele’s legacy and reaffirming the PSS commitment to improving health and safety, and training and development standards across UK ports,” said Debbie. “The most important resource PSS has is our membership, and we will rely on your honest feedback to continue our valuable work. Together, we can make ports safer”.

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