Annual Data Review


PSS has been collecting data from members for over a decade. This data is used to help spot trends and prevent recurring accidents. We are working with a partner and member, COMET (formerly STC Insiso), on a data project to assess how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in large scale data analysis to and quickly identify trends and focus areas in safety performance.  Six member ports have provided ‘raw’ data from their incident reporting systems for analysis by AI, with encouraging initial results. This development work is ongoing and a second phase is due to launch in Q4 2024.

We have scheduled the annual data review meeting for the day following the Port Safety Group meeting, and we hope that all PSG delegates will be able to attend. This meeting will discuss the importance of data; including the types of data we collect, insights we can gain and how we can leverage these insights to improve performance industry wide.

While contributions to the dashboard will be covered, the meeting is intended to foster a broader discussion about the data we need to provide the best insights. We encourage all members to participate, even if they are not currently contributing to the dashboard.

This meeting is open to all PSS members – to attend, please contact

This is an AI image of a port with data overlaid

PSS calls for sector improvements to data collection