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Jersey Harbours

98.6% of all goods enter Jersey via the port of St Helier. St Helier is Jersey’s lifeline port, providing modern commercial services to the island with guaranteed long-term viability.

Passenger information

The Port of Jersey would like to offer a warm welcome to passengers arriving from both sides of the channel, and wish a bon voyage to all those departing on outbound services.

This year, we’re expecting more than 450,000 passengers and over 110,000 cars to travel through the port.

About the passenger terminals
Go to the About the passenger terminals page. All passengers now arrive and depart through the Elizabeth Harbour Terminal.

Passports and immigration
Get information about the entry conditions for visitors entering Jersey from the UK and mainland Europe. Go to the Passports and immigration page.

Customs and duty-free
Learn about importing and exporting goods to and from Jersey, including applicable duties and taxes. Go to the Customs and duty-free page.

Travelling with pets and animals
Get information about travelling with pets and importing animals, including details about animal passports. Go to the Travelling with pets and animals page.

Bringing a Caravan/Motorhome
Go to the Bringing a Caravan/Motorhome page.

Commercial port

The Port of Jersey is ready and willing to do business. Continuous improvement to our facilities, equipment and services means that the port can and will meet the long-term needs of port users.

Pilotage, services and facilities
Details about the services and facilities available at the commercial port, including berths and pilotage. Go to the Pilotage, services and facilities page.

St Helier VTS
Find out about the Vessel Traffic Service, including contact details, IALA traffic lights, radio frequencies and speed limits. Go to the St Helier VTS page.

Licensing of charter vessels
Get information about what processes must be completed before vessels can operate commercially (including beach launch activities). Go to the Licensing of charter vessels page.

Port Marine Safety Code
Go to the Port Marine Safety Code page.

Safety and security
Information about accident / incident / hazard reporting, as well as codes of practice, ISPS and restricted areas. Go to the Safety and security page.

Cruise ships – (
Ports of Jersey is delighted to welcome cruise ships. With our breadth of experience and knowledge, we can offer both ships and their passengers a range of first-class services and facilities.

Visitors to the Island are spoilt for choice for things to do from exploring exquisite beaches and historic castles to fine dining at Michelin star restaurants or shopping in designer boutiques.