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CalMac Ferries Ltd

CalMac Ferries Ltd (CFL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of David MacBrayne Ltd, which is wholly owned by Scottish Ministers.

Previously operating as Caledonian MacBrayne Ltd, CalMac was created in October 2006 to bid for the Scottish Government contract to operate Clyde & Hebrides Ferry Services, which it subsequently won.

At the same time Caledonian MacBrayne Ltd changed its name to Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL) and retained ownership of the vessels and piers which it leases to the operator of the Clyde & Hebrides Ferry services (currently CFL). CMAL is also wholly owned by Scottish Ministers but is entirely separate from CFL. Although they have the same shareholder, each has its own Board and their relationship is solely contractual.

CalMac Ferries Limited has one wholly owned subsidiary; Caledonian MacBrayne Crewing (Guernsey) Limited, which employs and supplies all sea going staff (approx 1000) to CFL.

CalMac runs 33 vessels to over 50 ports and harbours, across 200 miles of Scotland’s west coast. Operating to 27 ports and have delegated authority at 17 statutory harbours on behalf of owner Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd. We complete 162,750 sailings a year – from 5 minutes to 7 hours. On average, we ship 10,738 coaches and 1,431,631 cars a year. In 2018, one of our busiest years to date, we carried 5,309,771 passengers.