Lithium-ion and EV awareness: 14 - 18 October 2024

Lithium-ion batteries and electric vehicles (EV) are becoming more common place in the port industry. Whether you have passengers boarding ferries in their electric car, handle cargo containing lithium-ion batteries or have your own fleet of electric vehicles for use in the port, there is no denying that the increase in distribution and popularity of lithium-ion batteries and EV brings with it a set of challenges that the port industry will need to prepare for.

Campaign week will highlight the areas that have been raised by our members, to get involved contact and ask to join the lithium-ion and EV working group.

Thursday 17 October 2024 will also see PSS and the UK Chamber of Shipping host the Electric Vehicle Maritime Safety Conference, which will will bring together experts from academia, the automotive and maritime industries, to discuss the risks and mitigations arising from the increased use of electric vehicles in ports and their transportation on ferries and car carriers. Keynote speakers, including Martin Brown, Improvement Consultant at Horiba Mira and Professor Paul Christensen, Chair of Pure and Applied Electrochemistry will share their thoughts and insights from years of electric vehicle research and development. The event will also include panel discussions and the opportunity to exchange experiences and developments with other industry professionals.

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