Best Skills Initiative Awards Entry: Stena Line Ltd.

Award Nomination:

As a proud member of the maritime community, Stena Line is committed to leading the charge towards a more sustainable and inclusive shipping industry. In light of the staggering statistic that only 2% of individuals in shipping are women, we recognize the urgent need for action to promote diversity, skills development, and empowerment within our workforce.

At Stena Line, we believe that diversity is not only a moral imperative but also a strategic advantage. By fostering an environment of equality and inclusion, we not only represent the diverse communities we serve but also gain deeper insights into our customers’ needs, enhancing the quality of our service.

Under the visionary leadership of CEO Niclas Mårtensson, we have embraced the challenge of creating a workplace that reflects the richness of society. Niclas’ analogy of Stena Line as a village highlights the importance of diversity, emphasizing that no village thrives with just one demographic.

Our commitment to skills development, career pathways, and workforce empowerment is evident in our innovative programs designed to nurture talent and promote professional growth. From mentorship initiatives to training programs, we are dedicated to equipping our employees with the skills and opportunities they need to succeed in the maritime industry and beyond.

We are honoured to submit our application for the PSS Award, which celebrates members who exemplify dedication to skills development, career pathways, and workforce empowerment. Through our ongoing efforts, we aspire to be not only leaders in sustainable shipping but also champions of diversity and inclusion within our industry.

Additional Information:

We are excited to provide a detailed account of our entry for the PSS award, which celebrates dedication to skills development, career pathways, and workforce empowerment within the maritime industry. Our project, aimed at promoting gender diversity and inclusion, focused on opening our Birkenhead terminal to local women interested in pursuing careers as Port Service Operatives (PSOs).

The need for this project was apparent in the stark gender imbalance within the shipping industry, with women making up just 2% of seafarers and 12% of core roles in ports globally*, Stena Line is committed to increasing representation of women both at sea and on shore as part of its Diversity and Inclusion strategy with a long-term goal of a gender equal workforce across the business. We embarked on an initiative to actively engage and empower women in maritime careers.

Our efforts culminated in the opening of our Birkenhead terminal to a group of 25 local women. Through activities such as tug operations, port and vessel familiarization, we provided hands-on experiences to showcase the opportunities available in the maritime sector. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with over 150 applicants registering their interest in participating.

Success was measured not only by the enthusiastic turnout but also by the impact on participants’ perceptions and aspirations. Many of the women who attended expressed newfound interest and confidence in pursuing careers as PSOs, signalling a shift towards greater gender diversity within our workforce.

The success of this event was made possible by the dedication and innovation of our operations team, who embraced and executed the unconventional idea with enthusiasm. Their commitment to realizing our diversity and inclusion agenda was instrumental in bringing this initiative to fruition.

Moving forward, we are hosting our nest event at our Belfast Harbour at Stena Line’s Victoria Terminal 2 in Belfast Harbour on Thursday 9th May, building on the momentum generated by the Birkenhead event. By extending our reach and providing similar opportunities in more communities, we aim to create a ripple effect that will contribute to a more balanced and inclusive maritime industry.

In measuring success, we consider not only the immediate outcomes but also the long-term impact of our efforts. We envision a future where women are fully represented and empowered in maritime careers, driving innovation, and contributing to the industry’s growth and sustainability.

Receiving the PSS award would not only recognize our team’s hard work and dedication but also amplify our message of diversity, inclusion, and empowerment within the maritime sector. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our story and remain committed to advancing these crucial objectives.