Best Skills Initiative Awards Entry: Peel Ports Group (2)

Award Nomination:

At Peel Ports Group, the UK’s second-largest port operator, safety is paramount. Making sure the people who work, visit and use their sites return home safely every day is their number one priority. To support their journey towards zero harm, Peel Ports developed an immersive training program – “123 Safety & Me.”

This initiative spans three modules:
“In Your Shoes,” “It’s Our Culture,” and “How I Work.” Utilising bespoke, life-like animated scenarios depicting port operations, attendees witness first-hand the consequences of unsafe acts. The engaging learning environment challenges complacent behaviours and explores tools for cultivating a robust safety culture.

In the “In Your Shoes” module, participants proactively identify hazards through captivating multimedia experiences, fostering situational awareness skills. The “It’s Our Culture” sessions empower staff to internalise safety as a personal responsibility, guiding them through available safety protocols and challenging mindsets.

The program culminates in “How I Work,” where participants apply their learnings through hands-on activities, demonstrating their ability to rectify unsafe conditions effectively.

“123 Safety & Me” illustrates Peel Ports’ dedication to nurturing a safety & conscious culture. By equipping employees with invaluable skills, the program positions Peel Ports as an industry leader prioritising workforce well-being.

The safety-focused skill set imparted through “123 Safety & Me” is highly transferable across sectors. By highlighting behaviours at the forefront of learning, the program empowers individuals to utilise these cross-functional skills in any industry. As all sectors strive to improve safety culture, Peel Ports’ innovative approach contributes to developing future talent capable of driving positive change.

Additional Information

The need for “123 Safety & Me” arose from Peel Ports’ commitment to continual improvement in safety practices and dedication to workforce empowerment. Business surveys in 2020 and 2022, utilising the HSL climate tool, coupled with incident data analysis, highlighted opportunities to enhance behavioural safety across operations.

Through its innovative, three-part immersive training approach, “123 Safety & Me” cultivates a comprehensive skill set essential for a safe and successful career in the port and maritime sectors. The program promotes professional development by nurturing situational awareness, risk identification, decision & making abilities, and a proactive safety mindset.

The “In Your Shoes” module hones situational awareness skills through captivating multimedia scenarios that depict realistic port operations. Participants are challenged to proactively identify hazards, developing the ability to assess and mitigate potential risks in complex environments. This skill is invaluable for navigating the intricacies of port work and contributing to a safer, more efficient workforce.

The “It’s Our Culture” sessions empower employees to internalise safety as a personal responsibility, imparting skills in understanding and applying available safety tools and protocols. Accredited in-house experts guide participants in exploring their roles in upholding standards, fostering a culture of accountability, continuous learning, and active engagement in safety practices.

Crucially, this module also addresses the development of interpersonal and communication skills necessary for effective collaboration and knowledge & sharing within teams. By promoting open dialogue and challenging complacent mindsets, participants gain confidence in voicing concerns, offering suggestions, and advocating for safety improvements, contributing to a more proactive and inclusive safety culture.

In the “How I Work” module, hands-on activities solidify the training’s impact by enabling participants to demonstrate their ability to rectify unsafe conditions effectively. This practical component ensures the transfer of knowledge into tangible worksite behaviours, contributing to a safer and more efficient workforce while reinforcing the importance of personal responsibility and ongoing skill application.

The success of “123 Safety & Me” will be measured through key performance indicators, including incident rates, near-miss reporting, safety observation data, and post-training evaluations.

By designing and implementing this innovative skills program, Peel Ports demonstrates its commitment to workforce empowerment, professional growth, and developing future talent in the maritime industry. “123 Safety & Me” equips employees with a multifaceted skill set, positioning them for successful and sustainable careers while upholding the highest safety standards and contributing to a more resilient, skilled, and adaptable workforce for the future.