Safety Alert - Port Driver Struck and Killed by Front End Loader - South Port, New Zealand

Published: Tuesday, April 4, 2017 - 09:21

The following alert has been shared by a PSS member regarding a workplace transport fatality in a New Zealand Port. The attached link will take you to the company website with all the details known to date.

While the alert does not provide a copious amount of detail, it does highlight the dangers posed by workplace transport and the need to be prepared for foreseeable contingencies such as a breakdown occurring whilst a busy operation is underway.

Members should consider the risk posed by non routine and non business as usual circumstances and how employees can be trained to respond to these situations as the way of responding is often critical. While most accidents and near misses can be avoided if the risks from the work are suitably and sufficiently assessed and appropriate control methods are adopted, it is crucial to learn from near misses and accidents experienced by other ports so that they may not be replicated in PSS members’ premises.

A link is also provided to the PSS SIP guidance for a refresher on Workplace Transport.