Safety Alert - Fatality on Board A vessel- Shared by PD Ports

Published: Thursday, August 9, 2018 - 12:12

PSS along with Port Industry Chief Executive has identified six key priorities for the sector, one of which is " Early Information Sharing". This sharing of early information among port members can help prevent a similar occurrence in other PSS member ports. This is a proactive method of managing Health & Safety within organizations and is a leading indicator for a positive safety culture.

During a night shift, two dockworkers had the task of cleaning a barge after unloading operations when one of the workers went missing.




For more information on the incident, lesson learned, actions that were taken on fatality on board a vessel incident can be found in the attachment below

Thank you to our member port PD Ports for sharing this with the industry.


fatality on board a vessel 18 pdf PDF (162.93 KB) Download