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Port Marine Operations Officer apprenticeship

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The port marine operations officer apprenticeship can be used to develop new entrants and to upskill or reskill the existing workforce.

Occupational profile

The port marine operations team assists in ensuring the safe transit and handling of vessels into and out of the port.

A port marine operations officer may work as a leader or member of a port/harbour marine operations team and may be involved in: berthing of vessels, port control and marine services, operation of harbours and marinas, conservancy, environmental protection, statutory compliance and operation of harbour marine craft within the Harbour Authority area of jurisdiction.

This is a highly responsible position with a key contribution to the safe and efficient operation of the harbour. The role may involve shift working and working in all environments.


This is a level 4 apprenticeship.

Entry requirements

Individual employers will determine their own entry requirements; but due to the nature of the role it is expected that candidates will meet certain medical standards of physical health.

Apprentices without level 2 English and maths will need to achieve this level prior to taking their end point assessment.

Typical duration

24-30 months, excluding end point assessment.


With further training, progression could be to the harbour master apprenticeship.


This apprenticeship has a maximum funding cap of £12,000.

The apprenticeship programme is funded in one of the following ways via the employer’s apprenticeship service account.

Non-levy paying employersLevy paying employers
100% Government funded if the apprentice is 16-21 years.Paid using the apprenticeship levy.
100% Government funded if the employer has less than 50 employees and the apprentice is 22-24 years and previously been in care or has an education, health and care plan (EHCP).If the levy runs out, the same rules apply as non-levy paying employers.
95% Government funded in all other cases with a 5% employer contribution.

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