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SeaBot Maritime works with those who operate within safety critical industries to meet the challenges of the fast-moving digital age.  Their mission is to play their part in making maritime Safer, Cleaner and Smarter and they champion the crucial role that humans play in creating successful technology partnerships.  With a customer base across both commercial and defence, they help to create and implement purposeful change and digital transformation, by empowering people to work hand-in-hand with new technology.  SeaBot Maritime’s pioneering approaches to learning development and workforce assurance services, eLearning, distance learning and portfolio of training courses cover digital transformation and the learning journey from end to end.  They are helping organisations understand, underpin, and maintain the competency requirements of their workforce, from hire to retire. Services activate deeper understanding in the shift to automation and the use of collaborative systems, using cutting-edge approaches to create effective technology partnerships, repeatedly delivering learning solutions that ensure companies can respond to dynamic workforce competency requirements, in an evolving technology landscape.

MASSPeople Co-Founder

The Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) International Competency Standards Working Group (MASSPeople) was launched in Q1 of 2022 with the task of bringing focus to the importance of people in the journey to autonomy in maritime.  Co-Proposed by SeaBot Maritime and Chaired by Gordon Meadow CEO SeaBot Maritime, this working group has created a partnership of Flag State Administrations from around the world to share in the challenge of developing, proposing and implementing future proofed competency standards that will support tomorrow’s global workforce.

The aim of MASSPeople is to explore the human dimension of remote and autonomously enabled marine surface vessels. MASSPeople is working to develop new job roles and future profiles for the people involved in ensuring safe operation of MASS.  These profiles are informed by creating recommendations on new sets of competency standards that are aimed at supplementing the International Convention of Standards on Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW). 

Training courses in MASS

SeaBot Maritime offers world leading autonomy training developed and delivered both from its headquarters at the National Oceanographic Centre in the United Kingdom and at a number of locations opening up around the globe.  Fully aligned to competency standards shaped through its work with MASSPeople, this training is available and being delivered to organisations right now.  Voluntarily recognised by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and linked to the assurance of the technology, SeaBot Maritime’s training programs are being used to provide a key part of the evidence in achieving certification to operate.   Courses are designed to support a whole sector framework, and to underpin safe operations and efficient operations from smaller MASS to complex beyond the horizon operations.  Our training underpins safe operations, SeaBot Maritime also offers Executive level training, such that senior decision makers and company owners, as well as operators can understand the benefits as well as the risks of implementing these new technologies.

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