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Professional Diving Academy

The Professional Diving Academy was set up in response to several years of frustration within the diving industry at an apparent lack of skills with newly qualified divers. It was noted by many companies that commercial diver training wasn’t educating divers in many of the basic working skills that divers require, such as underwater tools use, rigging and lifting or underwater burning and welding. Our training model from the very outset was to ensure that PDA graduates had a significant skills advantage over other new divers entering the industry, therefore providing a solid foundation from which they could build a successful future diving career.

Our courses have been designed to include advanced skills training in essential working techniques, which although not a requirement as part of the HSE diver training syllabus, is most definitely preferred by any future employer. It remains our primary goal to ensure that during their time at the academy, students are acquainted with a variety of tools in a realistic and safe working environment.

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable “real life” Diving Supervisors, allows PDA students to benefit from a broad-spectrum background of commercial diving experience. Ultimately this knowledgeable experience helps our newly qualified divers to adapt more readily to the real thing when it finally arrives.

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