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Port of Aberdeen

Port of Aberdeen, formerly known as Aberdeen Harbour, is constantly evolving to support new industries. With the largest berthage in Scotland, our world-class infrastructure, strategic location and expert supply chain make Aberdeen the port-of-choice.
As the centre of activity for offshore energy marine logistics in North-west Europe, it is also:

• Principal commercial port in Northern Scotland
• One of the UK’s busiest ports welcoming around 7,000 vessels annually
• Committed to achieving net zero across all scopes by 2040
• An energy industry hub – oil and gas, decommissioning, offshore wind and hydrogen
• An international port for general cargo, roll-on/roll-off and container traffic
• Principal mainland port for freight, passenger, vehicle and livestock services to Orkney and Shetland
• A centre for forest product exports
• A gateway for agricultural products and supplies
• A port capable of handling the majority of the world’s cruise ship fleet