PSS Members

Forestry Commission

The Forestry Commission’s Plant Health Forestry team supports healthy trees, woods and forests, now and in the future. We work together to prevent entry, provide early detection, and minimise impacts of harmful tree pests and to ensure traceability of forestry planting material. Interception, identification, eradication, control and management of tree pests is fundamental to the Government’s commitment to preparing for future climate change and developing green and healthy places to live.

Plant Health Forestry, consisting of policy and operational team members, is geographically dispersed with individuals based in a variety of locations throughout Great Britain. We work with a wide range of partners, stakeholders and customers including other teams within the Forestry Commission, Forest Research, the Devolved Administrations of Wales and Scotland, other Government Agencies, (Defra, APHA, HMRC, Border Force etc) trade and industry bodies and businesses, within various sectors, that include; importers, exporters, port authorities wood packaging manufacturers, timber processors, forest management companies and landowners.

Plant Health Forestry is part of the Forestry Commission’s Forest Services, the Government’s forestry experts, responsible for enabling landowners and managers, businesses, civil society organisations, and local communities to protect, improve and expand England’s woodlands. We achieve this through regulation, incentives and advice