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Ensemble Analytics Ltd

Ensemble Analytics provide employee management software designed for ports. Our time and attendance, employee app and skills management modules integrate seamlessly with our AI-powered scheduling software enabling instant, optimised and compliant workforce scheduling.

Ensemble’s suite of tools provides a comprehensive system simplifying previously difficult operations, scheduling and HR tasks whilst improving communication and employee engagement.

The platform aggregates live timesheet, employee, and port operational data across terminals into a single scheduling dashboard. Auto-scheduling creates instant schedules compliant with employee contracts, historical hours, and skill requirements making life easy for scheduling teams. Supervisors benefit from real-time schedule visibility, complemented by an intuitive timesheet application for accurate attendance tracking. Concurrently, a dedicated app offers employees a clear overview of their work schedules, both present and past, whilst facilitating seamless requests for overtime and leave.

To discover how Ensemble can support your operations please get in touch.