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The Bristol Port Company

Based in the South West of the UK, Bristol Port is the UK’s only deep water port to have direct motorway and rail connections to all points of the compass. With its ability to handle vessels up to 130,000dwt its extensive craneage, warehousing and storage facilities and location close to the heart of the UK make it a highly capable distribution location.

The Bristol Port Company has been a significant player in the UK’s maritime industry, facilitating trade, transportation, and economic growth in the region since privatisation in 1991. Since then over £600 million has been invested to create a modern thriving enterprise. Bristol Port is a key national asset and a major economic driver for the South West region; with the Company, which remains an independent, privately owned business and tenants on the Port Estate contributing more than £1 billion to UK GDP.

Bristol Port’s diverse portfolio of trades reflects its pivotal role in the nation’s economy. From handling 27% of all UK aviation fuel imports in its Liquid Bulks division to managing over 3 millions tonnes of dry bulk goods, including 25% of all animal feed imports in its Dry Bulks segment, the Port is a linchpin for essential supplies. It is also a major player in the automotive industry, facilitating the passage of 550,000 motor vehicles annually. The Port’s services also include capabilities in container handling, cruise, project cargo and warehousing.

To ensure Bristol Port’s continuing competitiveness, the Port continues to invest in the technology, the skills and most importantly the people that make it happen. 600 people are directly employed and over 12,000 jobs in the South West depend on port-based businesses. The Port is one of the few major UK ports to employ a permanent workforce – a workforce that is flexible, skilled and highly motivated. Each employee is also empowered to be a Safety Manager. This Safety Culture has been created so individuals have the confidence to stop and report an operation that they deem to be unsafe. Bristol Port is proud to be a leading member of Port Skills and Safety and working collaboratively with all UK Ports to share best safety practice. This commitment to safety underscores the Port’s dedication not only to its own success but also to the well-being of the entire maritime community.