PSS launches port happiness survey

In the previous two years, PSS has run a Mental Health Survey to identify how port workers felt about their mental health. This year, the survey is being re-launched as the Ports Happiness Survey, designed to gauge the general level of ‘happiness’ in ports.

The survey includes some of the same questions as previous years to see whether mental health awareness has increased and some new ones to help us understand how port workers are feeling.

This will provide a clearer picture of all aspects of port workers’ mental well-being and its effect on workplace safety and job satisfaction.

Please spare five minutes to fill out the questionnaire linked link below and share it with your colleagues so that PSS can gather a truly representative overview of ports.

All information provided will remain confidential, and aside from age and gender, there are no identifying factors to connect an individual to their survey responses.

With just a little bit of your time, we can begin to tackle mental wellbeing in ports and help to make all ports happy and healthy places to work.