Mental health week comes to a close

Mental health is rarely an easy topic of conversation, dealing as it does, with feelings and emotions that are sometimes easier to push down than they are to acknowledge. As another PSS Mental Health in Ports Week draws to a close, it is apparent that the ports sector is beginning to speak more openly about this issue, but more still needs to be done.

Across the week, PSS has shared some deeply personal stories about how ports and port workers are taking those first steps along the road of open discussion around mental health, and the life-saving impact this can have.

The Ports Happiness Survey launched on Monday and will remain open for another month. All port sector workers are encouraged to take part in this survey so that PSS can build a better picture of how port workers are feeling.

On Thursday the PSS board encouraged all port workers to be more open about their mental health, acknowledging that this can have a very real impact on physical health and overall safety in ports.

A mental health resources page has been developed which will ensure that port workers can access resources designed to support good metal health and find out where to get more help if needed. This will remain on the website permanently so that port workers can access this vital information whenever they need it.

Many thanks to all those who shared their stories and to those who have followed the week. Only by working together, and supporting each other, can ports truly become a better, safer place to work.