Strategic Partners



The Health and Safety Executive

We continue to work with the HSE as one of our key strategic partners.  We were a major stakeholder in the joint development of Approved Code of Practice L148 Safety in Docks which in turn references out directly to our Safety in Ports (SiP) Guidance.  This suite of more than 20 documents is co-produced by ourselves, HSE and Unite the Union and each document is formally endorsed by the HSE through their publications guidance process. We are on the HSE network for formal Consultations and routinely meet with the Transport team to work on ways of continuously improving health and safety in the industry. 

HSE ports webpage

Our PSS page on the HSE web site

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Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Our engagement with the MCA mirrors that with the HSE.  The MCA are an essential part of the work that we do to support the port industry's maritime safety.  Examples of our joint activity with the MCA include: co-working on guidance on topics such Mooring and Access to Fishing Vessels;  sitting on the Port Marine Safety Code Steering Group and Standing Advisory Committee on Carriage of Dangerous Goods in Ships; contributing to the development of the UK method for implementing the international Verification of Gross Mass of Containers directive and development with the UK Harbour Master's Association of an MCA endorsed UK Harbour Master Certificate.  We are on the MCA network for formal Consultations. 

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Department for Transport

We have taken on the role of collecting maritime accident data for UK ports, a project that began life as DfT work package.  We are also involved with the department on sector skills and careers matters. 




British Ports Association and UK Major Ports Group

The two UK port trade associations are the owning members of Port Skills and Safety Limited.  We have excellent communication links with these two organisations and often work side by side on projects.  

British Ports Association web site

UK Major Ports Group web site


Maritime Skills Alliance

We were one of the founding members of the Maritime Skills Alliance (MSA) which brings together the fish catching, ports, and shipping industries in a strategic alliance to focus on the skills needs of the maritime sector.  Since its inception the MSA has expanded to include the British Marine Federation, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, and the Royal Navy. The scope of the MSA has therefore been extended to cater for all industries in the sector, and also now includes other commercial water-borne activities relating to rivers and non-tidal waters, and search-and-rescue.

MSA website


Maritime UK

We sit on the Maritime UK People and Skills Steering Group, contributing to the skills strategy for the whole maritime sector.

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Trade Unions

We are delighted to work alongside UK Trade Unions in a spirit of engagement and cooperation using the knowledge, experience and expertise of the UK ports workforce to continuously improve health and safety.  We know that over recent years, this has paid dividends and that the guidance and standards that we have jointly produced are all the better for taking an inclusive approach.  In particular, Unite the Union has been a key partner in developing the Safety in Ports suite of guidance, alongside Nautilus International on maritime safety matters and with UK Maritime Pilots' Association where we have worked on a Marine Pilot certificate. 

Nautilus International website

UK Maritime pilots association

Unite the union website


UK Harbour Master's Association

The UKHMA and PSS are joint developer owners of the only MCA endorsed Harbour Master Certificate.  This programme currently run by Liverpool John Mores University has the Harbour Master National Occupational Standards in its DNA and addresses all the main skill areas that might be required of a Harbour Master.  The details for the Certificate can be found on the UKHMA site.

UK Harbour Master's Association website