Safety Alert: Unplanned Movement of Tugmaster - Shared by Peel Ports

Published: Tuesday, August 18, 2020 - 11:06

Early Information Sharing is a PSS priority; aimed at proactively preventing incidents.  Safety Alerts are good opportunities for members to review/modify existing safety control measures and are a leading indicator of a positive safety culture.

This Safety Alert has been shared by one of our members to raise awareness of an Unplanned Movement of Tugmaster/Trailer Unit, the full details attached.

A near miss incident has occurred during the discharge of a RoRo Vessel.  A trailer, parked on the weather-deck slope, began to slide forwards when a tugmaster was connected.  Contrary to the safe system of work, the secondary restraint chains had been removed prior to Tugmaster connection.

Safety Alert



Suggested Use

Suggested use

Personnel: Please forward this alert on to colleagues in your port environment including management, supervisory, staff and the wider stakeholders including tenants/suppliers on the port estate.

Distribution: These can then be downloaded, printed and posted at various strategic locations such as workshops, notice boards, staff canteens, smoking areas etc to raise awareness about causes and preventive actions.

Discussions: This safety alert can be further utilised to facilitate safety discussions and stimulate employee safety leadership through toolbox talks, leadership 'Walk the talks' and hazard hunts, just to name a few.

More information can be found below

Special thanks to our member Peel Ports for sharing this alert with the rest of the industry.

our industry aims to ensure lessons are learned fast and stay learned 


Near Miss - Unplanned Movement of TugmasterTrailer Unit PDF (247.51 KB) Download (247.51 KB)