Safety Alert: Unloading Operation Shared by ABP Ports

Published: Tuesday, July 14, 2020 - 11:42

As part of PSS and Industry Chief Executive priorities for the sector, “Early Information Sharing” is aimed at proactively preventing incidents among members. These are good opportunities for PSS members to proactively review/modify safety control measures and is a leading indicator of a positive safety culture.

The following Safety Alert has been shared by one of our members to raise awareness of wider stakeholder engagement on Unloading Operations, the full details attached.


Safety Alert


During a routine unloading operation of timber at King’s Lynn in May, an operative was injured when they stepped between 2 landed packs of timber in order to unhook it’s chains. It was identified that the cargo had landed in an irregular manner creating a slight gap between the load.



The injury resulted in the injured person being absent from work for 4 days, however it could have been more serious.


Suggested Use

Suggested use

Personnel: Please forward this alert on to colleagues in your port environment including management, supervisory, staff and the wider stakeholders including tenants/suppliers on the port estate.

Distribution: These can then be downloaded, printed and posted at various strategic locations such as workshops, notice boards, staff canteens, smoking areas etc to raise awareness about causes and preventive actions.

Discussions: This safety alert can be further utilised to facilitate safety discussions and stimulate employee safety leadership through toolbox talks, leadership 'Walk the talks' and hazard hunts, just to name a few.

More information can be found below

Special thanks to our member ABP Ports for sharing this alert with the rest of the industry.


ABP-HS-SA-082 - Safety Alert - Unloading Operation PDF (160.08 KB) Download (160.08 KB)