Safety Alert SA/2022/03 Cable Strike Incident

Published: Tuesday, May 31, 2022 - 14:23

PSS Safety Alerts

The PSS Safety Alert system intends to flag incidents directly to members to enable them to take onboard any necessary learning or developments.

Safety Alert SA/2022/03

PSS are grateful to the Peel Ports Group for sharing this information.


What happened?

During an opening of a chamber cover a section of the cover became dislodged and fell into the chamber damaging the HV cable below. No injuries occurred.

What learning points?

Prior to opening of HV multi-part triangular chamber covers Dynamic Risk Assessment should be applied to determine the likelihood of cover falling and if so, request isolation of the cables.

Ensure personnel opening covers with multiple segments in the structure are aware of the correct methodology and sequence in which the lid should be opened. Should the segment being lifted present resistance and begins to lift the other segments, then the lifting sequence is incorrect, and the interlocking tab is working. If the lift proceeds in this incorrect sequence this may result in a segment shifting from its hinge location and falling into the chamber.

Required Actions

It should be ensured that a robust safe system of work is in place for all works, and that operatives have been thoroughly briefed in its requirements. Good practice is to gather signatory evidence of such briefing.

Correct permits must be in place for the tasks being completed and only competent persons should open HV chamber lids, which MUST be carried out in the correct sequence so as not to dislodge the other segments from the hinge casings.

Please note other chamber designs may exist, and equivalent caution should be applied in their opening.

The Peel Ports Group Safety Bulletin is attached providing further information.



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