Safety Alert: Pilot Ladder Safety - Shared by Dublin Port

Published: Wednesday, December 16, 2020 - 15:08

Early Information Sharing is a PSS priority; aimed at proactively preventing incidents.  Safety Alerts are good opportunities for members to review/modify existing safety control measures and are a leading indicator of a positive safety culture.

This Safety Alert has been shared by one of our members to raise awareness of the risks of defective pilot ladders. 

Even those who are new to the industry will be aware that the safe rigging of properly constructed and maintained pilot ladders is an ongoing challenge for marine safety.  We still routinely hear of encounters with non-compliant pilot ladders from around the membership and it remains a world-wide problem.  We sit on the MCA led Pilot Transfer Safety Working Group where pilot ladder safety continues to be a key focus of attention.   

As part of an approach to addressing pilot ladder safety, two important actions by organisations that deploy pilots are:

  • make policy on non-conforming ladders clear to both personnel and vessels
  • create a culture where personnel feel confident and supported in making good safety decisions

This example shows how Dublin Port have set policy, raised awareness and made a clear statement of support for their pilots. 

Pilots may not board a vessel which has rigged a non-conforming pilot transfer arrangement. Any Pilot not boarding a vessel for such reasons will have the full support and backing from DPC.


Suggested Use

Suggested use

Personnel: Please forward this alert on to colleagues in your port environment including management, supervisory, staff and the wider stakeholders including tenants/suppliers on the port estate.

Distribution: These can then be downloaded, printed and posted at various strategic locations such as workshops, notice boards, staff canteens, smoking areas etc to raise awareness about causes and preventive actions.

Discussions: This safety alert can be further utilised to facilitate safety discussions and stimulate employee safety leadership through toolbox talks, leadership 'Walk the talks' and hazard hunts, just to name a few.

More information can be found below

Special thanks to our member Dublin Port for sharing this alert with the rest of the industry.



Dublin Port - Lessons Learned - Pilot Ladder Safety PDF (739.17 KB) Download (739.17 KB)
07-2020-Pilot-Transfer-and-Safe-Access PDF (366.73 KB) Download (366.73 KB)