Safety Alert-Operating Overhead Cranes - Shared by Associated British Port

Published: Friday, April 27, 2018 - 11:04

PSS along with Port Industry Chief Executive have identified six key priorities for the sector, one of which is " Early Information Sharing". This proactive sharing of early information among port members can help prevent a similar occurrence in the ports. 

An incident occurred during lifting of steel coils using an overhead crane. The operator was standing about 1.5 meters horizontally away from the steel coil load being lifted. Due to fault on the hoist rope, the coil fell to the ground and the struck the operator.



For more information on the incident, lesson learnt, action taken and recommendation on Operating Overhead Cranes with Remote control can be find in the attachment below


ABP-HS-SA-059 - Safety Alert - Operating Overhead Cranes with Remote Control PDF (154.97 KB) Download