Safety Alert - Carbon monoxide - Shared by Forth Ports

Published: Thursday, May 16, 2019 - 11:34

PSS along with Port Industry Chief Executive has identified six key priorities for the sector, one of which is " Early Information Sharing". This sharing of early information among port members can help prevent a similar occurrence in other PSS member ports. This is a proactive method of managing Health & Safety within organizations and is a leading indicator of a positive safety culture.

An incident occurred during a  routine confined space check being carried out in the access way to a vessel hold. Within a short period of time, the gas monitor alarmed show that Carbon Monoxide was present.  


For more information on the incident, lesson learned, actions that were taken and recommendations on the Carbon Monoxide incident can be found in the attachment below

Thank you to our member Forth Ports for sharing this with the industry


Carbon Monoxide PDF (341.91 KB) Download (341.91 KB)