HSE Safety Alert: Air Suspension Systems on Vehicles

Published: Wednesday, May 20, 2020 - 14:10

We would like to draw attention of readers to the following HSE Safety Alert on Air Suspension Systems on Vehicles:

Safety Alert: Air Suspension Systems on Vehicles

"HSE have investigated several serious incidents involving air suspension systems on vehicles. The two main causes are collapse of inadequately supported vehicles and unintended rupture or release of components from the air suspension system.

You should

  • Undertake minimal repair work at the roadside or third-party premises. The best place to undertake such work is at an adequately equipped vehicle repair facility.
  • Prevent movement of air suspension, either by deflating the system or by using suitably rated props or stands to prevent the chassis lowering. Under no circumstances should air suspension be relied upon to maintain a vehicle’s ride height or position whilst people gain access to areas where they may become trapped.
  • Exhaust the air from the air suspension system before working on it.
  • Isolate the air suspension system by physical disconnection of the air supply before working on it. You should not use clamping of air suspension pipework as a means of temporary isolation as it is not secure."

Health and Safety Executive

20 May 2020


 Check the full information on the HSE website attached.