Safer by Sharing

We believe that the key to building a positive health and safety culture in the ports industry is to identify areas of improvement and to ensure that lessons to be learnt are identified and improvements made on a proactive basis.

We all know that capturing and communicating this information and lessons learned are an essential part of making sure that future port projects are successfully implemented without injury, and loss of life or property. When used proactively and effectively, information and lessons learned contribute to  the overall success of projects by re-using and building on approaches that have worked successfully for other organisations and avoiding the repetition of previous mistakes on the whole as an industry.

Sharing these lessons learned can also deepen the relationship between various stakeholders within the ports industry and generally provide competitive advantages to organisations and also can make significant contributions to cost, quality, time, safety, health and good business.

To help us to achieve this, information is regularly disseminated through;

PSS and Member Provided Safety Alerts

Member Enquiries on Health, Safety & Skills

Port Skills and Safety Group (PSSG) meetings