Our Strategy

Four Strategic Themes

Ambitious extension of reach and impact

The four strategic PSS themes are:

  • Self-regulation: getting industry tripartite guidance into the DNA of members' operations.
  • Data: create a sea change, switching up from rear view mirror reporting to leading indicators and ultimately using data to predict-out accidents before they happen.
  • Communications: expanding the number and range of people who see themselves as PSS members beyond port employers and getting our messages into the hands of those who most need them.
  • New Board Structure: this is now done done!

Strategic Themes

7 Delivery and 2 Good Governance Workstreams

Jan 2021 to July 2022 programme.

We have a full ahead programme of work which is built around a grid of nine objective areas. Each area has a Director Champion to advocate for and constructively challenge both PSS and the sector as a whole.

Each of the nine areas has specific objectives that we are set to deliver against over an 18 month timeline. We have targets for skills, plant and equipment, marine, standards assurance, data, communications and policy. The remaining two, Services and Business, are about running a best-in-class organisation.

Members can find more detail on the objectives by visiting our web page.