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More than ports

Here at Peel Ports we’re not just a safe haven for the loading and unloading of vessels. We’re a cutting edge network of state-of-the-art facilities that will maximise the efficiency of your supply chain while reducing costs.


Delivering exceptional port logistic solutions

Purpose and values

Working with our existing customers we aim to extend and transform their supply chain, increasing efficiency and offering a service that helps them maximise their potential. This, in turn, will help us increase and improve the service we offer new customers. Supporting this philosophy are the core strategies that will serve to drive the way we develop and manage our Group activities.

Specifically, we will prioritise investment for the regions, commodity markets and facilities in areas that show the greatest potential for growth. We will take advantage of central and commercial relationships, exploiting our scale to build an organisational and operating model that provides opportunities benefiting from investments in scale. And we will integrate shipping to benefit the ports, using Freight Line to boost our ports in their development and competitive plans.

Peel Ports. More than Ports.

Key People

Without our people we would be adrift at sea. Their commitment, enthusiasm, experience and resourcefulness makes us a world-class company capable of transporting your precious cargo anywhere in the world.

Over 300 years of excellence

We're building on our rich history to create a prosperous future. As one of the leading infrastructure, transport and real estate companies in the UK, the Peel Group has become a part of the country’s DNA. Our vision to create sustainable environments where people and businesses can flourish has cemented us as an organisation that changes thinking, shapes the future and transforms industries and lives.

Caring for our environment


At Peel Ports we're a world-class company that is committed to looking after the world we live and work in. We know that we have a duty of care, not only to our customers and shareholders, but also to everyone we touch directly and indirectly.

Our social awareness and contribution to the wider community are the foundations for our growth, and they’re the platforms on which we can build our collective success.

Our goals include everything from providing training and jobs for local people and collaborating with schools, colleges and universities - to investing in local community groups and donating funds to charity partners.

To us, Corporate Social Responsibility is more than just a term, more than just a policy; it’s a promise to put the world we live in before the office we work in and to put the future before the present. Because we’re not just in it for the short haul.

We’re in it for the long term.

A twenty year plan designed around you

Master plan

We all have opinions and we all deserve to be heard. At Peel Ports we're great believers in talking to as many people as possible before coming to any decision. Especially when it affects everyone's future success.

That's why, before we even put pen to paper with our twenty year Strategy for Growth, the core of our Mersey Ports Master Plan, we took the time to do more consultation than we've ever done before. From colleagues to communities, port users to planning bodies, stakeholders to customers.

This is the most adventurous and forward-thinking strategy for port growth and development we've ever undertaken. So we want to do it right. Not just for us. For you, too.

Scotland’s gateway to the world

At Clydeport we’re more than just a provider of first-class facilities and services. We also offer customers integrated transport solutions tailored to their individual needs. Our world-class facilities and excellent location means that we’re able to serve a variety of different businesses, connecting Scotland to the rest of the world. Whether you’re looking for the deepest sea entrance in Northern Europe or the busiest cruise terminal in Scotland, Clydeport is home to some of the biggest, deepest, busiest and most advanced facilities in Europe.

Our main terminals are Glasgow, Greenock, Hunterston and Ardrossan. But it’s not just our locations that set us apart, we’re also the harbour authority of the river Clyde and its estuary, managing a jurisdiction of 450 square miles. We handle key commodities such as coal, containers, forest products, project and bulk cargoes and operate Scotland’s busiest cruise terminal.

We can also offer a wide range of port-centric and specialist development properties. So whether you represent a small organisation or a large blue chip company, we believe in building long-lasting partnerships that will help you to grow and improve your supply chain.


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