Bridlington Harbour Commissioners

Most people have heard of the Bridlington Harbour Commissioners but not everyone is aware of the full extent and importance of their duties.

Established in 1697 by Act of Parliament, the body has played a key role in the resort’s history, helping to maintain a haven for fishermen as well as providing a base and structure where local trades and commerce can flourish.

Today, the Harbour Commissioners are taking care of a harbour that continues to lead the way for the British shellfish industry.

The harbour is home to almost 100 mostly small businesses providing employment for almost 400 people and playing an essential and integral role in the resort’s economy.

The Chief Executive is Margaret Hyland, who also doubles as the Collector of Dues. On behalf of the Commissioners, Margaret oversees a wide range of responsibilities, including taking care of the landing dues, leases, the car parking area and the harbour estate in general. This includes crane wharf, 13 shops and public toilets, the former Harbour Master’s offices, the South Pier and all its facilities, and the Lawrence Complex, which incorporates a hotel, chandlery, restaurants and café.

The Annual Accounts for Bridlington harbour are available to view at Bridlington Reference Library, King Street.

The current Bridlington Harbour Commissioners are:

  • Mr. C. J. Wright (Chairman)
  • Margaret Hyland (Chief Executive)
  • Mr. D. J. S. Snowden
  • Mr. B. H. Raper
  • Mr. S. Newby
  • Mr. P. Sanderson
  • Dr. A. J. S. Watson
  • Mr. S. Cowan
  • Mr. A. Wheeler
  • Mr. N. B. Woodhouse


Bridlington Harbour Commissioners
Gummers Wharf, West End
East Ryding of Yorkshire
YO15 3AN
United Kingdom